Shan Biryani Recipe Masala Double Pack


Shan Biryani Recipe Masala Double Pack


If you are searching for the Biryani masala that makes cooking biryani easy for you then just try this Shan Biryani Recipe Masala Double Pack and you will find biryani making to be the most fun task on earth. You can use this masala while cooking the chicken biryani or if you are cooking the mutton biryani. Do keep in mind that the flavor of this Shan Biryani Masala Double Pack is less spicier than other types of biryani masala so if you are using this pack then don’t expect the biryani to get too spicy.

Product Highlights:

  • Provides your biryani with a perfect traditional taste
  • Contains special elements that are essential for traditional Biryani
  • Reduces the biryani cooking time
  • Adds special elegance to your dish
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