Survey Result Of Online Shopping in Swabi

We Conducted a small survey before starting Khpal Mart.

The survey was Answered by 400 Individuals and the questions of the survey were the following :

1. How often do you buy products online?
2. What product do you typically buy online?
3. Online retailers do you typically use?
4. What are your biggest concerns about a product online?
5. How comfortable are you buying a product online from a company you know?
6. Which payment method do you use most often when buying products online?
7. How concern are you about the delivery time?

It was concluded that majority of the people’s demand is best quality products with on-time delivery and cash on delivery payment along with money-back guarantee which is a safe way of reducing the perception of financial risk and quality issues. The study also found that youth is showing a keen interest in online shopping, however, the elderly people were not that much interested. The findings of the study specify that online shopping might be developed well in Swabi if the people are provided with the above-mentioned facilities. People of the area have a reasonable literacy rate which is helpful in adopting the trend of online shopping.

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